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Q:What is the purpose of the show?
A:The purpose of Dr. Dave's show is to cut through the hype and spread the truth about computers and the Internet, and how to best use them.[TOP]

Q:How do I call Dr. Dave for help on the show?
A: First – Turn Your Radio OFF – NOT Down. While on hold, you will be able to hear the show.
  1. Be sure to call between 10:00am and 12:00pm Mountain Standard Time (Arizona) every Saturday. 1-866-821-TALK (1-866-821-8255). Call from a land line phone, or get stationary with your cellphone. Please don't ever use a speakerphone, and avoid the use of a cordless phone.
    Tell the screener your FIRST name only, the town your calling from and the station you're listening to (or the Internet).
  2. Once you get through to the screener, be prepared with your question. Focus on your problem, be prepared with specifics. Immediately tell the screener how you expect to be helped by Dr. Dave.
  3. Write your question down so you don't forget it while you are on hold.
When speaking with Dr. Dave:
  1. You will briefly hear some static. Following that you will be on the air with Dr. Dave.
  2. Breathe and Relaxevous!
  3. Stick with your original question.
  4. Please be clear and answer any questions Dr. Dave asks as accurately as possible. Most importantly - LISTEN to what Dr. Dave says! [TOP]

Q:How do I send Dr. Dave a question or comment?
A:The best way to send a comment or question to Dr. Dave is to e-mail him at dave@davemason.com. or email Dr. Dave "Live" during the show at drdavelive@gmail.com Please be sure to include your name and town. Not all correspondence will be answered personally, but all will be seen by Dr. Dave.[TOP]

Q:What is the music you use for the show?
A:The music heard at the open of the show is a compilation of music mixed specially for the show. The show open consists of parts from Parliament and Earth Wind and Fire. The shows closing song is Cool-Aid by Paul Humphrey and his Cool-Aid Chemists. The bump music you hear during the show are some of Dr. Dave's & "Evil" Steve's funky favorites. [TOP]

Q: What is Dr. Dave's fax number?
A:Dr. Dave's fax is 603-792-9504 [TOP]

Q: What is Dr. Dave's e-mail address?
A: Dr. Dave has 2, feel free to e-mail Dave at dave@davemason.com. Please include your name and town. You can email Dr. Dave "live" during the show only at: drdavelive@gmail.com [TOP]

Q: I have something important for Dr. Dave to see.
A: There are several ways to make sure Dr. Dave gets your message.
  1. E-mail Dr. Dave at dave@davemason.com.
  2. Fax Dave at 603-792-9504
  3. Or Snail Mail care of:
    ComputerTalk with Dave Mason ®
    405 E. Wetmore Rd. Suite #117
    PMB #520
    Tucson, AZ 85705
    Please be sure to include your name and town on all correspondence.[TOP]

Q:How do I voice a complaint?
A: All complaints are handled personally by "Evil" Steve at evilsteve@davemason.com.
Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number and the best time to stalk you![TOP]

Q: When is ComputerTalk with Dave Mason® on and how can I listen to the show on my computer?
A: ComputerTalk with Dave Mason® "live" stream airs every
Saturday 10:00am to 12:00pm MST (Arizona).
Stay tuned for more of Dr Dave & Evil Steve as they will soon add more of what you like 24hrs a day 7 days a week!

You can catch the "Live Stream" or replay of the show on your PC at the times listed above, just click the live stream link, sit back and enjoy.
You can also listen to the Show Archive anytime![TOP]

Q: Does Dr. Dave ever have guests on the show?
A: Very rarely. Most guests are boring. Dr. Dave has so much information to cover he prefers to spend his time taking calls and helping you![TOP]

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