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An award winning, widely recognized computer expert, Dave Mason calls himself the "Anti-Geek"! He's a tireless entrepreneur and a hi-tech communications specialist.

Born in Tucson, Arizona the first son of an Air Force enlisted man and a hard working mother, Dave spent the first 11 years of his life moving all over the U. S. on almost an annual basis.
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As a result he learned early and well that the ability to communicate effectively with different people from different cultures is a critical skill.

In college fifteen years later, Dave went to work in a computer store where he first experienced the fallout from the hype and over selling that routinely goes on in the computer industry. Once happy customers inevitably returned to the store with questions and problems that would not or could not be satisfactorily answered by the vendors. Frustration abounded both on the part of Dave and his customers, as both realized the often-disappointing reality of the siren song of technology. Dave now uses the frustration of that experience, and the communication skills he learned as an Air Force brat to cut through the hype and overwhelming marketing mis-information that often spews from the computer and Internet industries, including the press charged with covering them. Dave is consistently a favorite of his listeners who appreciate his honest, down to earth, entertaining style.

Dave has been published in numerous computer periodicals, and was the producer and host of the award winning television version of ComputerTalk with Dave Mason. Dave's many interests make him a well-rounded, informed and entertaining conversationalist. He's very interested in politics, government, and history. Dave enjoys auto
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racing, aircraft and all kinds of sports. He especially enjoys interacting with children, "the most genuine of people".

Today Dave lives with his wife and two young sons in Tucson, Arizona. Dave is working on his new book, tentatively titled "Common Sense Computing". He continues to provide consulting services on a limited basis, makes frequent personal appearances and is in high demand on the speaking circuit. Dave began his weekly broadcasts of ComputerTalk with Dave Mason in April 1991.

On July 14, 2001 ComputerTalk with Dave Mason spread it's wings and went into national syndication. ComputerTalk with Dave Mason is currently heard from coast to coast, border to border nation wide.
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