Saturday, April 10, 2004

It's only politics?

This last week politics in America sank to a new low. The politicization of the defense of America by anti-Bush scoundrels has gone off the scale.

From Dr Richard Clark to the 9/11 Hearings, to Ted Kenendy's rantings, it's clear that these people for the most part could care less about the truth. They want Bush's hide. It's all very disappointing, and I've lost all respect for even the legitimate dissenters. It's as though those who dissent cannot see the power of their words. It's more than just winning or losing a Presidency, it's the very success of our War on Terror, and the lives of our warriors. Those warrriors are our children, parents and friends.

My only hope is that with every lie, every scurilous attack they expose themselves for what they are. I hope Americans have their eyes open enough to see it, and are not blinded by party loyalties.

It took us 25 years and we're still not over VietNam. If we lose this one, we may never recover the America we once new.


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