Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm going to switch back...

It's too tough being a conservative. I would like to be right all the time, no matter what the facts are. Then I wouldn't have to research things, think deeply about things, or make any real commitments to particular positions. I could cut my reading load WAY down. I could pretend that good intentions and dialog is all that is required for security and prosperity. I'm really good at those, too!

I'm going to switch back to being liberal. It's much easier.

Here's what I mean:

The Democrats disassemble the CIA in the 70's, then trash the Bush administration for bad intelligence in the '90's.

Certain Clinton administration personnel create rules that prevent sharing of information between the CIA and the FBI. Liberals then attack the Bush administration for the fact that the agencies didn't cooperate in the fight against terror. In fact, the creator of those rules gets to sit on a commission that produces an official "non-partisan" report criticizing the Bush administration for following the rules she created during the Clinton administration.

Bill Clinton cripples the military in the '90's, then the Democrats pound the Bush administration for poor preparesness and stretching the military too thin.

The Democrats hand out money to every special interest and voter block known to man for the last 60 years, then trash the Bush administration for budget excesses in a time of war.

The Democrats in control of Louisiana and New Orleans misappropriate billions of dollars in levy and emergency preparesness funding over the last 5 decades or so, and whine about the Bush administration's handling of the Katrina aftermath.

The Democrats wail about the lack of effective preventative measures in the fight against Islamo-Fascists, then sabotage several important new programs to gather intelligence, prosecute the war, and prevent attacks on America.

The Democrats throw a fit about Fox News, talk radio, Bloggers and other alternative media being too Conservative, all the while funding (with "the people's" money no less),the ultra left wing NPR and PBS for the last 40 years.

The Liberals demand freedom of speech at all costs, yet Democratic Senators threaten to yank ABC's license because the content of a show about the fight against terrorism is too tough on Clinton. Of course it was tough on Bush, too, but that was conveniently left out of the equation.

The Democrats get to say EXACTLY the same incredibly hateful anti-American things as the Islamo-Fascists that want to destroy America say, and still be called patriotic Americans.

The liberals want to profit from the free market/capitalist system, but attack and destroy successful companies that produce profits for shareholders, jobs for working Americans, and taxes for them to squander.

The left wingers get on Air(head) America and scream wildly profane epithets about Conservatives, yet call Conservatives hateful and bigoted.

The Democrats get to call our military personnel baby killers, terrorists and cold-blooded murderers, and say they sincerely support the troops.

The Democrats demand Republicans only "accused" of wrong doing to immediately resign their position, while alowing Democrats "accused" of wrong doing to stay in position and even reward them with new positions of power.

The list goes on ad nauseum. It's much easier than trying to be somewhat consistant and logical, and sometimes wrong. I could be right all the time, with little effort. And I'd really feel good about all my new liberal friends. We could talk about all the stupid, mean, bigoted, unsophisticated &^$##%&* Republicans, all the while smug in my open minded, nuanced, tolerant diversity.

Na, I'd rather put in the effort, fight the uphill battle in the press, and be accused of being a stupid, mean, unsophosticated *%%#$^@. I hope quite a few more Democrats feel the same way. It's the only hope this country has.


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