Monday, October 27, 2008

My prescription for modern politics

The Law By Frederic Bastiat | Foundation for Economic Education

Before you ever vote again for any office, read this pamphlet. Written over 100years ago by a Frenchman, I have never read a more accurate, clear, common sense explanation of what Government should and shouldn't be.

I found this accidentally while looking at a friends desk, and asked if I could read it. It was one of the most fortuitous coincidences in my life. Those who read and understand the concepts in this pamphlet, may be more qualified to sit on the supreme court than most justices there now.

While it isn't law in this country as the Constitution is, I believe it may be as important for people to study if not more so. The brilliance is in the simplicity and clarity of the basics of human conduct, interaction, rights and lawfulness.

No matter who you vote for - do us both a favor and read this first. Then buy a bunch and hand them out to everyone you meet.


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