Thursday, October 16, 2008

Palin's future, according to Garrison Keillor

Palin's future, according to Garrison Keillor

Some Americans inability to understand Obama's history is incredible. I first became acquainted with the depth of some people's capacity for denial in AA. It was not fun to be confronted with my own bravo sierra, and I think Garrison Keilor may have more than his share of that character flaw as well.

I don't care if you honestly believe it's unimportant, but the charges of Republican conspiracy to make up the facts is just obnoxious. Then to demean Palin as just "clueless", is typical of the liberals attitude that minorities should get a break, just not Republican ones. Pretty mean spirited and bigoted.

I used to be a liberal. I used to enjoy the meanness, too. It was kind of fun even. I could justify it because the Republicans were such bad hateful people. How'd I know? All my friends and the media said so.

Unfortunately, my bubble was burst when Carter blew America up, and I began getting out in the world and meeting nice, caring, successful Conservatives. I would like to recommend that Garrison get out and meet some good old Conservative Americans. It's much more difficult to hate those people when they are REAL people and not dehumanized characters. Sarah Palin is much nicer, brighter, and sophisticated than you think. The ease with which you discard and marginalize with the cliched charges of stupidity and meanness only exposes those qualities in you.


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