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Dr. Dave's Data Recovery
OK, here’s the deal. You’re sitting behind your desk. Your computer crashes. Your drive just died and you haven’t done a backup since 1997! You think backup refers to the "R" on the shift column of your Buick. All your data’s history, and you're in trouble. Big trouble!

Personal computers, workstations, Servers, laptops, PDA's, digital cameras and even MP3 players that store data on hard drives, removable magnetic media, magneto-optical disks or flash RAM cards, CD or DVD, can all suffer from the same data failures that
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Boot Failure

Virus attacks

Inaccessible drives or partitions or volumes

Unable to run or load data

Data corruption

Hard drive failure

Hard drive crashes

Fire and water damage

Surface contamination and damage

Accidental deletion of data

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-Dr Dave
Sure… you could send your drive off to one of those big, expensive data recovery places You MIGHT get your data back, but it’ll cost you a FORTUNE. I have a better idea, send your drive to ME. It’s called Dr Dave’s Data Recovery.
Whether it’s a CD, DVD, Hard Drive, floppy disk or flash drive, laptop, digital camera or MP3 player, doesn’t matter. I’ll get your data back, put it on a new drive, CD or DVD and send it right back to you.

Call toll free 1-866-821-8255 Monday thru Friday.

You can also email Dr. Dave at: drdavesdatarecovery@davemason.com for more information.

FAST, Affordable, reliable!

Here are links to important information you'll want to know about when you are contemplating data recovery.

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