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A message to the Terrorists from Dave Mason
and Evil Steve 9/28/02

Click here to listen to our opinion on terrorism!
Patriotism and Spirituality Unconstitutional? 6/28/02
There has been so much going on recently that has upset me that I've had to take some time out to keep the blood pressure within a level compatible with human life. ...
The equivalent of a small American town was annihilated at the World Trade Center in New York City. 9/12/01
The number of casualties in this single event may approach that of the number of American casualties in the entire Vietnam War! ...
Discrimination has become one of the most powerfully negative words of our time. 9/16/00
In fact, Federal law often requires discrimination!...
ID Vault
ID Vault - A "Must Have"
for online security
-Dr Dave
Chaos Software
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Free download of my favorite PIM
-Dr Dave
The Federal Government has the right to take our guns! 9/15/00
This, because the Second Amendment guarantees the citizenry no right to bear arms...
Campaign 2000, are you patriot or slave? 9/7/00
Is this really THE question of campaign Y2K?...
It's just the Constitution 5/25/00
I was watching a "debate" on one of the political/news channels a few nights ago, more...
Demon Gates 4/8/00
I'm sick of hearing about the evil Bill Gates needing to be restrained. more...
Whaaa...Goverment Ads? 3/25/00
Am I the only one that sees a real problem with the proliferation of government advertising? more...
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