Monday, February 16, 2009

THE Secret to Prosperity

Economic Truth and Economic Fallacy in the United States

In this article Tor Dahl, the productivity expert presents the reality of success in business and economies. We try to cheat in this regard, but we always end up paying. Productivity gains are the silver bullet, if there is one.

His criticizm of six sigma is particularly refereshing. We have become a completely risk averse culture and are paying dearly for it. Six sigma, among other phenomena play a big part in it. When you focus completely on preventing failures and errors, as important as that is, you lose the ability to take rational risks for big productivity gains. You think you have too much to lose.

Tor doesn't put it this way, but a little dose of roughneck American Cowboy attitude is sorely needed. Read it and wake up to a reality you can work with. The answers aren't in D.C.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Retail Sales Rose 1% in January -

Good Economic News in Spite of Everything

Hard to believe, but retail sales are up 1% in January along with very slightly reduced jobless claims, according to this WSJ story.

While this doesn't mean that all is well, this is an indicator of Americans getting a grip on the realities of their situation and making adjustments in spending. The sky is falling reports have been overblown, and Americans are realizing this and spending slightly more.

The challenges remain, particularly in the automotive, housing and financial segments of the economy. Add the additional long-term economic stress of the "Porkulus" bill, and it remains to be seen just what the future holds.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Power, politics, gossip on daily call - John F. Harris -

Politics Obliterates Objective Journalism Once More

Here's an open letter I've written to the folks at ABC and Disney:

I am troubled by ABC News reporters participating in daily phone briefings of the White House Chief of Staff.

Much of the value of news reporters and news organizations is in their credibility. Without that, even the most well connected and gifted reporter is suspect. I believe you do ABC News and the American people a great disservice by not clearly dealing with the obviously compromised objectivity of George Stephanopoulos. While I am not surprised by his bias given his history, I am greatly disappointed in the manner the issue has been dealt with and the apparent lack of concern of ABC News management.

Assertions of this type of behavior were leveled at other news outlets during the Bush years, but were of course unfounded. Ironic that this is occuring at ABC now. This is yet more evidence that the proud history of traditional American media is being trampled, along with it's business viability - by itself!

Alas all things must pass. I suppose that includes ABC News. Very sad...
Dave Mason

Click on the link at the top to review the full story on The Politico. Sad indeed.
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Zero Hedge: How The World Almost Came To An End At 2PM On September 18

Media ignores another historic, catastrophic story!

Thank goodness we have the Internet, talk radio and other alternative media. Otherwise we'd never know that on September 18th, we nearly had a complete economic collapse and no one in the mainstream media is covering it. The evil alternative media that our national political leaders want to shut down is exposing the truth, at least for the time being. Click on the link to read the story and view the CSPAN video of a Democratic politicians discussion of the event. Frightening. Not so much that it occurred, but that it's gotten no coverage in the conventional media. And we have no idea who did it or why it happened. We must have transparency and accurate coverage of the facts or we will be unable to hold our politicians feet to the fire. Believe me, until that happens we are at their mercy, and whatever economic, political and cultural destruction they continue to railroad into law will occur without our consent, but will occur. And then be blamed on Conservatives...

It is becoming incredibly difficult to continue to be optimistic in light of what is going on right now. The porkulus bill passed in the Senate yesterday and now the Democrats are excluding the Republicans in all conference discussions today. So much for bi-partisanship, huh?

We simply MUST wakeup and give 'em heck in DC. Our livelihoods, freedom and indeed, the existence of America as we know it are at risk. Call, fax and email the President and your representatives now or else!!
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Amazing Story Behind The Global Warming Scam

Former ABC weatherman and Weather Channel founder continue's to risk his career to expose the truth...

Thank goodness there are a few brave souls willing to talk about the weakness in the scientific case for global warming. Of course, they now call it "Climate Change" to allow tying any weather change to humans and ultimate destruction.

John Cloeman's fact based, rational presentation of the history of the Global Warming panic phenomenon is compelling. His frankness and audacity are refreshing. I wonder how long John Coleman can keep it up before he is forced to protect his career and capitulate. You must read it.
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Friday, December 05, 2008

THE source of our problems...

In pondering the economic situation and political manipulations going on around it, I was reminded of something Carl Jung once said,"The source of all neurosis is the avoidance of legitimate pain."

Dr. Gerald Mann had his own explanation of this in America,

"I think we are disillusioned because we have lived for many years with an illusion. Disillusionment, as I often say, is always the child of illusionment. We had this illusion that we could have the Great Society and the Great Frontier and that we could use the government programs to solve everything.

All of our saviors have let us down. Education and money hasn't really brought us the sort of inward peace that we want, so I think there is a massive disillusionment in the country because we based it on an illusion. We are the first generation in history that has expected life to be happy. We are the first generation that expects to have the ultimate marriage, the ultimate job, the ultimate religion, no problems, and we are setting ourselves up for great angst when we do that."

Absolutely brilliant analysis in my never so humble opinion. It's not a slam of education or success, just the realization that life is much deeper and bigger, and we put our selves at great risk when we fail to realize that.
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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Craving a Little Positive Economic News

UPDATE 1-US mortgage applications post largest gain ever | Reuters

All is not bad. I always complain about the negative slant on the news, so I have to give Reuters kudos for publishing this report.

It's important to understand things are never as bad or as good as reported. This provides a little more positivity on top of the good news on Black Friday.
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Audacity of recount gives Franken hope

Minnesota Model - The Opinionator Blog -

I think there are still some ballots in Hillary's trunk - no, the one in her limo...
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Monday, December 01, 2008

Depression? Recession? Is it hopeless?

Amity Shlaes: Home

In a prior blog post, I highlight Amity Schlaes and her speech at the Foundation for Economic Education. In light of today's economic environment, I pickup up and re-read her book, "The Forgotten Man". It pays to be able to put current conditions in historical perspective, and that book is one of THE best resources for perspective on the Great Depression. Check out her site AND my old post - good meaty stuff for the times.
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