Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Tax Credit For Every Problem - Forbes.com

Taxes IS the Problem

Those hoping for our votes continue to try to buy them by giving our money back to us. It's a silly game, but apparently most Americans fall for it. Frederick Bastiat called it "legal plunder".

It goes like this:
Democrat: Vote for me! I'll give you some free money, even though you don't pay taxes. I won't give it to anyone else because I care so much for you.

Republican: Vote for me, I'll give you some of your money back in a way that's fair. But only if you are paying us your money in the first place.

Both are despicable; trying to buy votes with our own money, but it seems to me the Repubulican plan is a little more honest. Maybe that's why so many voters have a problem with them. They play the game a little more transparently.
Dr Dave


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