Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another Dem all about the Redistribution of Wealth!

We no longer have the Republican and Democratic parties. We have the Democratic (old Republican) and Socialist (old Democratic) parties. What a shame.

He uses the class envy and warfare thing to make his outrageous plans sound reasonable. It doesn't work! Exxon and some of the other corporations have had a good year, so he uses that to encourage envy. He fails to mention that Exxon paid over 32 billion dollars in taxes and gave away millions more in hurricane relief efforts. Their taxes were a third more in 08 in 07!

Wake up America. It can't get much more obvious as to what their plan is. Between the Supreme Court, Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, Kennedy, Shumer, Jim Moran and the rest of them, we don't have a chance to retain our property rights. Do you realize that confiscation of the results of our labor is slavery!


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