Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President Obama - History is made...

President Elect Obama deserves a chance to prove himself and do right by America. He has a terribly difficult job ahead. I will support him when appropriate and criticize when necessary.

I am glad that instead of the juvenile behavior of the Clinton Administration during the transition to Bush's first term, we will have an orderly and cooperative transfer of power. Somehow I don't see the Bush administration removing all the O's on the computer keyboards in the White House.

That said I am prepared for battle. A civil battle. A non-violent battle certainly. But a real battle none-the-less. We must not let our guard down. Our disappointment must not weaken our resolve. Obamas policies as presented during his campaign ARE anti-American. We cannot sit by and allow those to be implemented without a fight.

Lets' not loose focus. Our families, our businesses and our communities come first. But if we do not gird ourselves against the entitlement mentality and the Statist power grabs we become even more divorced from the qualities that make America and Americans great and less likely ever to find our way back.

I do feel sorry for our military, our coal and other energy industries. I feel sorry for those making a living on the Internet and Conservative radio and TV. I feel sorry for those who ask questions and don't tow the "PC" line, they will be targets as Joe the Plumber has become. I feel sorry for those in the entertainment industry that backed McCain - I think the backlash is going to be tremendous.

I know this though. I will fight with every effort I can muster to be even more successful and happy than before. I will not use this disappointment as a reason to fold up. I will ask questions. I will be "un-PC". I will stand up for my rights and express my opinions. I will do all this because this is America, and I am an American, and God gave me the right to do so!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Depressing night, but good post, Dave!

11:58 PM  

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