Thursday, April 22, 2004

Saudi's suffer at the hands of monsters they have created

For decades Saudi Arabia has been a Wahhabist Monarchy. It's ties to Wahhabism are rooted in centuries of tradition. This form of Islam is based on a literal translation of the Koran. This requires the belief that non-Moslems and even other Moslem sects are infidels and therefore mortal enemies to be destroyed.

This government teaches death to Jews and Christians as official state curriculum in Madrassas and Mosques from Dammam to Detroit. This is in direct conflict with Saudi's paradoxical position as Americas best and strongest Arabian ally.

They are now paying for that duplicity. Saudi Arabia, both the government and it's people, must make the decision to cleave to the modern world and its ally the US or capitulate to the Islamo-Fascist extremists they have created, and follow them into seventh century depravity and ultimately their destruction at the hands of the only committed defenders of the free world.

The US must make a similar decision. Do we continue to pretend that the hypocritical Wahhabist roots of the Saudi government can be ignored, or do we begin to understand that it is one of the fundamental causes of the Islamo-Fascist threat, and deal with it accordingly?


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