Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dissection of the Democrat Smear

Before you make up your mind - The facts of Dems fact-free smear of Limbaugh

It's incredible to me that the Dems use a story about a soldier who lied about his Army service to promote his anti-war opinions, as fodder against Limbaugh. The soldier lied, the Dems lied about what Limbaugh said, and the story that gets legs, is Limbaugh's comments about the lying former soldier. It's just amazing. So much so that it's difficult to comment on. If it didn't expose such outrageous dishonesty that is s0 seriously politically and culturally damaging, it would be funny.

As a former Democrat I have believed that my disagreements with that party's leadership are honest political and policy differences. I believed that these people aren't bad, they're not dishonest, they simply disagree. But I have since come to learn from their behavior that the Democratic leadership is dishonest. They are bad. They do put forth points that they know are false to forward political arguments. It's why I am no longer a Democrat.

I hope they keep it up. It invigorates the Conservatives. It makes the Dems look dishonest, desperate and foolish. The charges never stand because they no longer have a monopoly over the media, and the truth eventually gets out. God bless the new media!
Dr Dave


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