Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Slate's Foolish Genius

The numbers don't lie: Democrats are better for the economy than Republicans. - By Michael Kinsley - Slate Magazine

I have commented on articles like this before. The Democrats completely disassemble the CIA in the '70's and it's GW's fault our intelligence is bad. They decimate the American Armed Forces in the '90's as the result of Reagan defeat of the Soviet Union in an immature, fantasy program called the "peace dividend"; and it's Bush's fault we don't have an effective military when we need it. Bush is slammed for an imbalanced budget in large part caused by the need to rebuild it and Rumsfeld was evil incarnate for telling the truth about "going to war with the Army we have".

Here we have a fella Michael Kinsley that actually believes the trick is to get Democrats in office like Jimmy Carter. The fact that it took almost one full term of the Reagan presidency to get things turned around economically is ignored. Admittedly Carter suffered, as did Ford by the incredibly misguided socialist policies of the Nixon administration, but he just floundered in navel-gazing weakness and uncertainty.

The fact that we are now having such trouble in the mortgage/insurance/financial segment of the economy directly relates to legislation that was approved by Congress and signed into law by Clinton in 1999. The immature perception that those kinds of mistakes reveal themselves instantly is complete flummery.

President Bush is making decisions now that we will reap the results of sometimes in the next 5 years. Unfortunately the Democrats will probably win the election, take responsibility for the brilliance and enact all the stuff necessary to destroy the progress and set the table for blame of the next Republican Administration.

The politicians on both sides of the isle need to take responsibility for the enormous pressure that resulted in a massive informal program to lend money to people that couldn't pay it back. When attacked and threatened for allegedly redlining (racist loan practices), they got the message. Who wants t0 be dragged before Congress to testify, to get pilloried in the media by those who have no clue about real life and no interest in the truth. Loans were made in areas that couldn't support them with property value, to people who couldn't support them by repaying, and as always, the taxpayers are left holding the bag. The Republicans are demonized for allowing it to happen, and the Liberal Congress just goes right along never accepting responsibility or ever being questioned.

We need to haul Congress up before a committee of of the people and have their incredibly dishonest, irresponsible politics exposed. I know Rangle and Shumer are beginning to feel some heat, but we need to go for their throats. I have had enough! Haven't you?


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