Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Marxists worldwide gaining strength and courage

South American Leftists Expand Anti-American Sphere

Nearly 2 decades after the fall of the Soviet Union and little more than 4 years after the death of it's primary adversary, aggressive Marxism is again on the march.

Just weeks ago we watched as Russia invaded Georgia and have yet to withdraw (in violation of its' own agreement to do so weeks ago). Now we have this tale of Latin American leaders inevitable enchantment with Marxist totalitarianism and their obligatory alliance with evil regimes throughout the world.

I wonder how often we have to fight this same battle against evil? Why are we blind to it's allure until the threat is so large our options are few? It's like we are stuck in a historical Tivo replay loop.

We must educate our children to the facts. Socialism, Marxism, Communism, are all evil governmental structures that result in dictatorships, slavery and mass murder. Of course, we are doing exactly the opposite. In a decades long hangover from the '60's, we indoctrinate our youth in the repressive nature of our evil capitalist system, and its natural cure, socialism. University faculty and administration all over this country are rife with extreme Marxist's that pump our children full of this revolutionary tripe. Our children are easy victims. After all, if it weren't true, we wouldn't continue to send our kids to these re-education camps, would we?

The sad irony of course, is they march defiantly into their own poverty, dependancy and even slavery at the feet of the elite that prod them to defy the "repressive authority" of family, faith, independence and prosperity.

Fortunately we are no longer the victims of the culturally corrupt and propagandist media. With talk radio, the Internet (primarily bloggers), and Fox News we have alternative sources of accurate reporting. While still no match for the traditional media, we are eroding their power. This article is proof of it.

We need to remain strong and unflinching in confronting this "historical loop of evil". We have Reagan's proof that it works, and can make the Marxists deal with America's inevitably victorious "historical loop of freedom".


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