Monday, October 27, 2008

Joe the Plumber vs the Governments!

The Columbus Dispatch : Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber

One of the facts we don't often consider is that many of the employees and officials in Governments across the nation is - they are Obamanites. They will remain so even if John McCain wins the presidency.

Many are unable or unwilling to adhere to longstanding laws and traditions that prevent use and indeed misuse of Government time, resources and power in politics and elections. Many of us Nobamas already feel intimidated in to at least keeping our mouth shut when it comes to this election (obviously not me!). It's one of the reasons that I think the polls are so inaccurate, and believe the election may not be so lopsided as we now think.

It will only get worse! If Obama wins, they will feel a legitimized in their tactics, and escalate. If he loses, there will be such outrage that they will escalate because the election was obviously stolen. BE PREPARED! Be steeled and resist the temptation to retaliate. We will win because we are generally more committed to our values, and we must deal with whatever the Obamanites do with the same lofty strength.

We will either win in spite of our sleepiness, or lose because of it. In any case we will be awakened to the realities of the uncivil cultural and political civil war in America. Arm yourself with the information, history and personal strength necessary to hold your head up, fight the good fight and defeat these anti-American Americans. Rest assured they will do ANYTHING necessary to imtimidate you into keeping your mouth shut. Don't let them succeed. Whether we win or lose this election, we are in for a fight like no other since the Civil War.


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