Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zero Hedge: How The World Almost Came To An End At 2PM On September 18

Media ignores another historic, catastrophic story!

Thank goodness we have the Internet, talk radio and other alternative media. Otherwise we'd never know that on September 18th, we nearly had a complete economic collapse and no one in the mainstream media is covering it. The evil alternative media that our national political leaders want to shut down is exposing the truth, at least for the time being. Click on the link to read the story and view the CSPAN video of a Democratic politicians discussion of the event. Frightening. Not so much that it occurred, but that it's gotten no coverage in the conventional media. And we have no idea who did it or why it happened. We must have transparency and accurate coverage of the facts or we will be unable to hold our politicians feet to the fire. Believe me, until that happens we are at their mercy, and whatever economic, political and cultural destruction they continue to railroad into law will occur without our consent, but will occur. And then be blamed on Conservatives...

It is becoming incredibly difficult to continue to be optimistic in light of what is going on right now. The porkulus bill passed in the Senate yesterday and now the Democrats are excluding the Republicans in all conference discussions today. So much for bi-partisanship, huh?

We simply MUST wakeup and give 'em heck in DC. Our livelihoods, freedom and indeed, the existence of America as we know it are at risk. Call, fax and email the President and your representatives now or else!!


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