Monday, May 03, 2004

a new tragic low in American media...

Here's a most disgusting cartoon published today by one of America's premier political cartoonists. Says much about Mr. Rall. None of it any good at all.

This cartoon is no less horrid than idiot KKK types making fun of Dr. Martin Luther Kings assassination. This guy needs to really pay the price for this. If he were standing in front of me, I'd clock him right in the mouth! I was too young to do that when the brave men and women returned from Vietnam and were taunted and abused by the Peaceniks. I can and will now.

It really hurts to know that Pat Tillman and all the other heroes died to ensure that idiots like this could publish this excrement. Makes it all the more cruel.

I respect honest political disagreement, but this is inexcusable. I hope you're proud of yourself Mr. Rall.

Ted Rall online


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