Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reid Urges Public To Complain To Clear Channel On Limbaugh Comments, By John Bresnahan - CBS News

Reid and 41 other Democrats continue to dive enthusiastically into foolishness.

They've had more than a week to get the facts straight and continue to enthusiastically dive deeply into stupidity by continuing to put forth a false argument about Limbaugh's attack on fake troops. As we all (except the Dems) know by now, Limbaugh attacked a soldier who was anti-war who wasn't a soldier at all. In fact he said he was in Iraq, when he was not, he claimed to be a Ranger when he was not and didn't even finish boot camp. He was dishonorably discharged after 44 days! How dare Rush attack that brave soldier! Ha!

The Democratic leaders continue to dig a hole they'll not be able to get out of. I believe it's the last gasp, "death throws" reaction to their entirely correct self assessment that they are politically in big trouble. They made the mistake that they could do the '60's thing and impune America at every turn. Fight the war, demonize the military and beat the Republicans. Unfortunately for the Dems this is not the '60's, and many of us who grew up at that time, and witnessed the incredible hypocrisy and political and cultural destruction are not allowing it to happen again. The Democratic leadership "misunderestimated" the silent majority who are not so silent anymore, and implemented a politically suicidal "strategery". I love it!

They no longer control science reports. Global warming is slowly, but increasingly being effectively questioned. They no longer control the media. Limbaugh is himself an example of that, as well as Fox News, Rathergate and about 10 gazillion Bloggers out there. They don't control even their own office holders, witness the City Council and Mayor of Atlantic City. The City Council has nearly1/3 of it's members in prison or awaiting sentencing. The Mayor has not been heard of since last Wednesday, when he was confronted with the falsification of his military service records. What a phony soldier!

Keep at it guys. Your defense of our enemies. Your attacking of honorable Americans, your lying posturing and manipulation of your offices is the most effective Republican campaign support we could possibly hope for.
Dr Dave


Anonymous Tom F. said...

(re-submitted to fix spelling)

Many in the black community seemingly will never let go of or forgive the past. Even though so many young black men and women refuse to gain their high school education by dropping out of school and spend their time doing nothing or, worse, making mischief or, worse yet, getting involved with drugs and street gangs, they continue to want today's white America to pay for the sins of our ancestors. They will never give this up as long as they feel they need do nothing to better themselves and are entitled to receive welfare and other government programs because it is owed to them. The kind of things that are said by the likes of Farrakhan and Obama's church leader just serve to justify this kind of thinking in their community: they don't need to take ownership for the results of the choices they make as long as they feel justified in blaming "whitey" for all their problems.

8:24 AM  

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