Monday, November 05, 2007

NBC's Sunday Night Football becomes overt lefty propogandist

Sunday Night Football on NBC has always been tough to watch. Only a diehard football fan could endure the pompous, lame-brained psuedo-Coselle imitation that Olberman does. Most who have successfully navigated puberty would see little to like about the red-light district rock star that sang the opening theme.

John, Al and hittin'. Thank goodness they couldn't mess that up. Although the NFL refs are trying to ruin that last point.

They did improve things greatly, if only briefly with the switch to Faith Hill in the open. Beautiful, talented, and she doesn't look like a prostitute! Sorry Faith, theres' most assuredly more good to say about you.

Then NBC gets this brilliant idea to do the "Green" thing. I just about puked. They opened the pre-game show with the lights turned down to save energy, and a long preachy explanation by Bob Costas about how doing so was saving the world. They show a satellite photo of the US and suggested we all turn off just one light. They could have saved more energy and a great deal of embarrassment by turning the lights OFF. And the Cameras. And the mikes. Even the NBC logo was green!

To hear Chris Collinsworth's embarrassed giggling during Bob Costas' intro and explanation was the only thing that made sense.

Hey NBC! Stop trying to change the world. I may not like your world. Just entertain and inform as fairly and impartially as you can. This new role as propaganda ministry does not become you. You look silly and foolish. If you keep up this flummery you may end up "Green" with envy over your competitors at FOX!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree. Let's all join hands, sing kumbiya and burn incense. The funny thing to me was that they had the lights turned off, but all the graphics stuff was still on. The computer screen in the console was shining in Collinsworth's face.

Can we also try not to imitate the "all my rowdy friends" theme? I have a problem watching Faith Hill doing Joan Jett.

Oh wait, there's a football game in there somewhere.

8:28 PM  

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