Monday, October 06, 2008

Old Story, Once Ignored, Predicted Our Current Democrat Caused Crisis

The New York Times > Business > Chief Is Ousted at Fannie Mae Under Pressure

Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Barry Obama and other Democrats are presenting the idea that the Bush administration is responsible for the current economic crisis very effectively with the help of the media arm of the DNC (the Main Stream Media). I've known for a long time just how dishonest politicians can be, but their current hubris is breathtaking. They are truly audacious in their dishonesty!

The level of willful ignorance on the part of many Americans enamored with Barry Obama risks a depression and global political instability that will be historic. I have felt for some time that we are living in times very similar to those prior to WWII. While the time scale is stretched, it is eerily similar. I never expected it could continue to get worse with the possibility of an economic depression.

Those who believe that it's all the Republicans fault will have no safety from the horrible effects of Democratic economic and military policy. Your willful ignorance will not protect you. The Media's lopsided reports will make you feel better, just as they do now, but the facts will not change. We may have to have a 3rd World War to get over it. I'm sure if that were to happen the Republicans would be responsible for that as well. What an incredible shame.

Please take the time to look into FDR's policies during the Great Depression. You will find that most of Europe recovered from the crash of 1929 in about 3 years. FDR lengthened the Depression by 15 years and the American stock market didn't truly recover until 1954!

Look into the recent history of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It is a litany of liberal socialist policies proven wrong by Democratic insiders that ran them, and the Democratic Congressional overseers insisting in implementing risky lending practices. The mainstream media continues to ignore it.

It is painful, but have the courage to learn the facts as they are, not as we are fed by an equally corrupt media and educational system (also coincidentally run by Unions and Democrats). In the long run it will do your heart good, and you may contribute to the avoidance of the greatest global catastrophe in about 80 years.


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