Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Politics Obliterates Objective Journalism Once More

Here's an open letter I've written to the folks at ABC and Disney:

I am troubled by ABC News reporters participating in daily phone briefings of the White House Chief of Staff.

Much of the value of news reporters and news organizations is in their credibility. Without that, even the most well connected and gifted reporter is suspect. I believe you do ABC News and the American people a great disservice by not clearly dealing with the obviously compromised objectivity of George Stephanopoulos. While I am not surprised by his bias given his history, I am greatly disappointed in the manner the issue has been dealt with and the apparent lack of concern of ABC News management.

Assertions of this type of behavior were leveled at other news outlets during the Bush years, but were of course unfounded. Ironic that this is occuring at ABC now. This is yet more evidence that the proud history of traditional American media is being trampled, along with it's business viability - by itself!

Alas all things must pass. I suppose that includes ABC News. Very sad...
Dave Mason

Click on the link at the top to review the full story on The Politico. Sad indeed.


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