Monday, February 16, 2009

THE Secret to Prosperity

Economic Truth and Economic Fallacy in the United States

In this article Tor Dahl, the productivity expert presents the reality of success in business and economies. We try to cheat in this regard, but we always end up paying. Productivity gains are the silver bullet, if there is one.

His criticizm of six sigma is particularly refereshing. We have become a completely risk averse culture and are paying dearly for it. Six sigma, among other phenomena play a big part in it. When you focus completely on preventing failures and errors, as important as that is, you lose the ability to take rational risks for big productivity gains. You think you have too much to lose.

Tor doesn't put it this way, but a little dose of roughneck American Cowboy attitude is sorely needed. Read it and wake up to a reality you can work with. The answers aren't in D.C.


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