Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Great Depression II? There's still time to learn the lesson

Videos | Foundation for Economic Education

In my last post I asked you to learn a little about the great Depression. This is a great start, a speech by Amity Shlaes at a FEE event. She does a great job of disassembling the Marxist spin of FDR and the Depression.

Fee is a very important non-profit organization. They are all about Economic education, but I'd like to see them do a better job of educating the masses. I recommend a membership. We get enough every day folk and we can redirect their efforts to more grassroots economic education.

Economic education is one of THE most important weapons in fighting the propaganda war I also mentioned in my last post. The Libs/Socialists have skewed the scale so far to the left, and are so effective at class envy and manipulating "history" that until we correct the average Americans understanding of it, we don't have a lot of hope.

Here's to Amity Shlaes and hope...


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