Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 again

As I have watched and listened to the many reviews, tributes and memorials of this historic day 5 years ago, I have found myself increasingly doubtful that we as a country have the understanding, the toughness; indeed the will to succeed in this war on terror.

I know how we ended up here. It has a lot to do with the demonization of manhood. There are many shameful legacies of the drug infected freethinking of the ‘60’s. This one is particularly dangerous in times that require quick, strong, sustained action. It isn’t cool to be rough, tough and aggressive. You’ll hear a lot of sophisticated types describe these traits as “cowboy” and unsophisticated. There is an unthinking exaltation of talk and the disparaging of decisiveness and tough action. This is the fallout of the feminism of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s that has castrated this country.

We have not been able to muster the common sense understanding that there is real evil in this world. We risk our lives, the lives of our loved ones and this very nation when we allow our political prejudices and personal conspiracy theories to prevent us from grasping the awful truth – that international evil wants to kill us and we must be willing to do whatever it takes to defeat it. I know there’s evil in the world, and I know it ain't us!

It’s ironic the evil to which we so weakly respond and often excuse and appease, has discarded and abused women and the critical role female traits play in a society and culture. Conversely, we have discarded men and the traditional characteristics of men: strength, physicality and aggression. So we find ourselves in a battle of civilizations, indeed for civilization itself, psychically disarmed by our foolish disdain for traditional male attributes. We may have become incapable of the terrible aggression that is needed to defeat these evil Islamic Fascists.

Two dysfunctional cultures, one in the interest of power and domination abusively discarding half the human equation; the other in the interest of equality, peace and understanding discarding the other, thereby guaranteeing victimhood in the face of the unbridled evil of the first. Sad irony, indeed.

We loose this battle and you’ll witness the violent destruction of feminism like you can’t believe. Just ask the Afghani’s. You’ll see a lock on the freedom of speech unlike anything any American can imagine. Prosperity, freedom, civil rights, social advancement. You name it, if you value it, it will be gone! Including, for some of us, our lives.

How many times do the evil ones have to declare war on us before we hear it? How many more times do they have to assassinate, behead, murder and destroy, before we unite and defeat them?

America has no enemy it cannot defeat, except one: lack of will. If we work together, with strength and determination for as long as it takes, no enemy can vanquish this great country. However, if we continue to bicker, attack our valiant defenders and sabotage ourselves, a few backward thousand will utterly destroy us.


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