Thursday, October 09, 2008

Those critical of Obama's past miss the point

I am glad to see more attention being paid to Obama's past and his mentors and friends. You can tell a lot about a man by his friends.

But I think we miss an even more important problem with Ayers, Wright, Davis, Pflaeger et al. What are these guys doing running churches? Running Multi-Million dollar foundations? Teaching our children? Accepting tax dollars in payment for spreading their propaganda and their criminal deeds? Why are they not fired, ostrasized, imprisoned, defeated, destroyed? They have vowed to destroy me and my country! And remain unrepentant to this day!

Those of you still in childish infatuation with the sterilized, romanticized version of '60's activism are the problem. You make outlandish allowances in the name of some undefined higher purpose that absolves these people and others like them of any responsibility for their murderous, destructive, culture mutilating behaviour.

Many Americans have become aware of your well intentioned but fatal flaw. Not fatal to you personally, but to the health of our nation, our economy, our soldiers and our children. We have vowed to fight tooth and nail. The threat of being ostracized by the media won't keep us from our duty. The threat of violence and rioting should Obama loose will not keep us from our duty. We will do everything legal and moral in our power to defeat the '60's Marxist ideology you're trying to forcefeed us.

You see, we have learned from you that noise works. Unlike you we don't need to be violent, destructive or dishonest. Just unceasingly active in the propaganda war we find ourselves in. We no longer beleive that hard work, minding our own business and being as good a person as we know how is good enough. We have to stand up, say what's on our minds, let the press demean us, politicians marginalize us and Marxist revolutionaries take pot-shots at us and just keep coming.

You have taught us well. Thank you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who We Are/Points of Unity

Ever wondered why there were riots at the RNC convention? who those people were that threw bricks through store windows like Macy's and threw fecal matter at people attending the convention?
It was people from Students for a Democratic Society, SDS. This is a terrorist organization that needs to be brought up on charges from the Patriot Act.

Sec. 801. Terrorist attacks and other acts of violence against mass transportation systems.
Sec. 802. Definition of domestic terrorism.
Sec. 803. Prohibition against harboring terrorists.
Sec. 804. Jurisdiction over crimes committed at U.S. facilities abroad.
Sec. 805. Material support for terrorism.
Sec. 806. Assets of terrorist organizations.

Well, looks like they DID get arrested and brought up on charges from the patriot act:

Well, if those charges don't stick for lack of evidence, maybe they can use the following website to sustain those charges.

a link on this website is in direct violation of Sec. 801, if not more

I am sure the authorities are watching the SDS activities very closely
So in closing, SDS gave birth to the weather underground, is still dangerous and operates with terrorist tactics, has morphed into the group Progressives for Obama, and supports Obama whole-heartedly. need more?

11:56 AM  

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