Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 - and another thing...

I know that America is divided in this war on terror. I know many Americans absolutely hate GW Bush. In putting all the amazing 9/11 coverage on radio and TV in perspective, it seemed to me that many who have been enthusiastically, even joyously trashing America, it's military personnel, the President and those who agree with him are using 9/11 as a way of rehabilitating their patriotic bona fides.

In today’s hand wringing, touchy feely mainstream media this passes for real support of our nation and it's people. Just like the anti-war demonstrators, they don't have to do anything difficult, just stand on the bodies of those who died defending their rights to attack and destroy those who defend them now. Demonstrators fulfill their debt of gratitude as Americans by ignorant, loud protestation and journalists have but to speak with a breathless dramatic empathy to prove they are Patriots who care.

Of course every other day they do everything they can to sabotage the efforts of those charged with preventing another 9/11 and pursuing those guilty of attacking America and murdering innocent Americans. These things include carrying news stories of outrageous, unproven charges without even the most elementary journalistic efforts at confirming the story. Time and time again this happens with no apologies, the "journalist" just steps on the carcasses of those destroyed while racing on to the next groundless attack.

Don't get me wrong; I disagree with our President on many important things. I think he could do many things better. But absolutely nothing compares to the importance of our winning this historic war. And I don’t pretend that I can speak or act irresponsibly without having a real effect on our soldiers and their enemies.

History will not be kind to you my friends. While your emotional tributes to those who were murdered are appreciated, it does not clean the blood from your hands you have so willingly thrust in the gore of your fellow Americans while in the pursuit of your incredibly transparent political manipulations.


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